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They came... with tulips?

So, pretty much all afternoon, there's been this weird old guy wandering around outside our building. He showed up at least around 2:30pm, when calantha42 came home from shopping. Seemed fairly harmless at the outset, until about his third circuit of the building. At that point, he banged on her window and asked to be let in, saying he was a cleaner (despite the notable absence of cleaning supplies, or, like, a coat) and then, when she said "no, I don't recognise you," as we're meant to do, he subsided, glared at me, and wandered off again.

I saw him again around five or six, this time carrying... a pot of tulips.

I have... no idea.

Which is when he knocked on *my* window, and I shut the curtains on him.

And then, at about nine-thirty, there was a *loud* banging on my window.

I, of course, reacted with great courage and fortitude, by... more or less falling out of my chair as I leapt across the room for the big stick that lives in the corner next to my bedroom door, yelling for calantha42.

When I finally twitched the curtains open enough to see, it was actually mik100, who we then quickly admitted through the balcony door.

"What happened to your keys?" I asked, as she pretty much fell into the apartment.

"Guy at the front door. Pushed past me," she said, a bit freaked out.

"Ooookay," I said, and administered tea while calantha42 tried to call the manager again (who again, wasn't in) and then the building's emergency number (where she got a voice mail), and then, y'know, the cops.

As she was on the phone with them, she looked at the two of us, and said: "If they ask me what he looked like, I'm not going to know what to tell them."

"Sort of heavy, glasses, slicked-back hair..." I began.

"...he was wearing a maroon shirt," added mik100, now much calmer with some tea in her.

"...carrying a pot of yellow tulips," I said. "Should be hard to miss."

Thinking about it, it is just possible that he is the guy I occasionally see vaccuuming the lobby. But, I mean, come on. If you're a tall, vaguely-creepy old guy, and you locked out of your building, is your first recourse to knock on the windows of two tiny girls and demand huffily to be let into the building? I mean, are you fucking crazy, man?

The cops said that since we didn't know exactly where he was, there wasn't much they could do. Which is... true, but annoying. The big stick is on standby. o.O
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