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Still no e-mail, and no more Sakura, either.

I am having, simultaneously, extreme tech-related annoyance and also CUTE OVERLOAD.

And now it is over. *sad*

Swear to god, CCS trips the same OMGSOCUTEHAPPY sensors as Arrows of The Queen.

Except more.

And now I am looking on Wikipedia at the entry on Tsubasa. Buggering godsdamned cop-out alternate-universes *muttergrumble*...

...what IS it with CLAMP and their love of tragic, weirdly-selective memory-erasure, anyway? o.O

*reads on* And did I mention how creepy I always found Mokona? And their EYES?

Seriously, CLAMP. This is not a sequel. This is fanfiction. *pouts*
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