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The Windchill Chronicles, Installment The Last

Written yesterday:

I'm sitting in the Montreal Airport, where there *is* a WiFi, but without a login and an $8.95 payment it allows me to do everything online except use Internet Explorer. (I know. What the hell? It's an unsecured network, but they want me to pay to use it.)

Anyway, we made it here. Trains are so much better than flying. More comfortable, for a start. Cheaper. Not involving shuttles and taxis and having more polite and considerate attendant-types.

It's 3pm. We board at 5pm. Two more hours to kill.


We instead watched Under The Tuscan Sun and argued about whether little boys should wear pink. Sometimes I wonder whether we really did find Faya under a rock. o.O

Well, as it's now 6:40PM the next day, I can confidently tell you that we arrived home safely. (I have *never* been so glad to see it raining, mainly as if it's raining, it's too warm to snow.) Suffered another astonishingly slow baggage claim. YVR's computers were all dead, and so they lost our flight's stuff for about half an hour, and when it came, it came out on three different carousels. It's like there was a baggage-handler conspiracy going on.

On the upside, I got almost a whole chapter written of Riverwend, so that's a win!

All my downloads seem to have finished approximately fifteen minutes after I left, or rather gotten to 99.9% and then sat there for four days. Guess I'll be adding a few more discs to duckys_travels/lilymc's next care package.

Spent this morning editing the video footage, and came out about four minutes longer than the Christmas/Boxing Day video. That'll have to be burned and sent, too. Not too bad for an afternoon's-worth of work, though. Going to burn and mail it, but thought I might upload it someplace, as well. Don't wanna do YouTube (their quality sucks and they've been getting a bit uppity lately, too), really. Any suggestions? How's Google Video? Any good?

I am currently deeply uninteresting, aren't I?

Ah, well.

calantha42 has evidently found a good/cheap laptop via Craigslist. we're venturing into Surrey (I know) tomorrow to retrieve it. Wish us luck it's not a brick with a keyboard painted on. ;)

Gods, I missed my own bed. *curls up*
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