Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

The Windchill Chronicles: Installment 2

Still here, still freezing, though warmer than yesterday, which of course isn't saying much. Managed to find a machine that would take my debit card, and returned to the Katimahouse bearing junkfood and dessert. And butter, because apparently they're not supposed to buy processed food (Yeah, I don't know, either . They instead are expected to buy margarine, one of the most processed things in existence, and also the kind of peanut butter that's two-thirds icing sugar, but not the kind that tastes like peanuts. No idea.). And chocolate milk.

Anyway, the point is that failure is worse than frostbite, and yesterday we had both. Today we were victorious. Hooray!

And now I apparently have to pack up all my stuff and hide it in the locked project manager's room, because they're having an open house and they're concerned that the townsfolk will steal things. They're hiding their laptops and their CDs, as well. (Why let people in the house at all, then? I don't know.)

And then they're kicking us out, so Faya and I have to spend the two hours of the open house in the restaurant across the street. Sigh.

And then we're all going to a pub. Where Kiley will buy us drinks. I like this plan.
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