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*tears out hair*

Dear Keenspace/Comicgenesis:

Okay. I get that you've got thousands of users, and that you are horrified by the idea of fixing every stupid little server glitch. I understand. I do. But the problem with offering no direct support, and directing everyone, instead, towards the forums and to the Wiki/FAQ is this: you just switched to a completely different system with entirely different interfaces and different URLs for everything. As such, pretty much everything in the help forums, everything in the FAQ, and every direction offered by the Wiki, in terms of where to upload stuff, how to login to do stuff, and what to click in our profiles to fix stuff, is out of date.

This makes sending people to read the Wiki a bit pointless, as the people who don't know how to use your rather convoluted system are the ones using the new site, who can't use the helpfiles because they're all WRONG.


--A Frustrated New Member

Screw banners. I'm going to bed.
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