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David Suzuki is SPIDERMAN. ^.^

Went to see David Suzuki over at the Douglas theatre this afternoon, and ran into former classmate Francis, who was perching on the guardrail so he could see. It was packed to standing-room only, and I was standing up on the very top level, at the top of the stairs, mostly on tiptoes, just behind the rail. We sort of muttered to one another throughout the presentation, nodding, snarking, you know, but we kept being interrupted by a fretful little sprog on the level below us.

Yes, some woman brought her ten-month-old to the David Suzuki presentation. She kept making those little "I'm uncomfortable, help me!" noises all through, at random intervals. It wasn't too terribly disruptive, I guess, but I mean come on, lady; if you bring a baby, and she starts to cry, you get her the hell out of there. You do not try to quell your daughter by picking her up, standing up in the aisle, and bouncing back and forth like a kangaroo on crack, while making sucky-face noises. I almost felt embarrassed for the baby. Seriously, lady. If she's too little to keep quiet, you should have left her at home. Especially since you're blocking my fucking view with your interpretive dance routine.

That would have been enough to dismiss, really, even nice enough because it gave Francis and I something to roll our eyes over, and you all know that if I don't roll my eyes at least thrice daily they pop right out and roll away out of boredom. But at a point about halfway through, the baby was getting a bit more fretful, and then suddenly she wasn't anymore. I was listening to David, and so the passing thought that the woman had smothered her child like a chicken on a military bus was a vague and abstract one. Then Francis leaned forward, with a horrified expression on his face, and I turned to look.

"Is she-- no!" he whispered in a shocked voice.

"Is she what-- oh, gods," I answered.

It seems that the baby had stopped crying because her mother had correctly diagnosed the cause of her discomfort as a poopy diaper and decided to change her lying down in the aisle.

No, I swear to god.

Breastfeeding is one thing - it is, for one thing, quiet, as well as, sure, a beautiful natural etc. etc. - but toilet functions on the carpeted floor of a public place, with people packed in on all sides, is not appropriate behaviour.

Dr. Suzuki himself, of course, kicked some serious speechy ass. Actually used the phrase "with great power comes great responsibility" with every obvious sign that he was actually quoting Ben Parker. That man is awesome.

And if you're Canadian, and haven't done so yet, get thine ass over to and sign up for the Nature Challenge. It's not very hard, although I admit I didn't have to *do* very much, myself, as I'm already a vegetarian and don't drive and I already recycle, and didn't have to change a lot.

And then "vote". I can't remember exactly where the "voting" page is, but it's listed on the main site. This is essentially a "we disapprove of Stephen Harper" campaign, and who can't get behind that? ;)
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