Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod


If you're, y'know, one of the folks paying attention, the first page of my webcomic, Sinkbottom, is now up properly, and can be viewed at You folks will have seen this page already, but it looks much better now than it did two weeks ago. Don't mind the date on the comic itself; that's when it was supposed to upload, but Keenspace was dragging its heels.

Anyway, there it is. Still a bit more tweaking to be done, but it's up. The regular updates will be for Friday morning, meaning they'll be visible as of about midnight Thursdays. And yes, there will be another comic this Friday, March 2nd. Enjoy!

Um. Y'know. If you want to. ;)
Tags: sinkbottom

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