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Ass Math.

So, recently, the Finance gurus in Victoria re-organised the Ministry of Advanced Education's defnitions of Dependent and Independent Student. They also decided to re-organize the way in which they calculate the student's expected contribution to their educational costs vs. what they'd get in loans.

They did this, apparently, by sticking their heads directly up their asses and reaching blindly for a calculator.

Under StudentAid BC, any non-taxable income and assets are also considered to be part of the student contribution, and will be assessed at up to 100 per cent of their value.

If you are classified as a Group A (dependent) student, StudentAid BC may also expect a parental contribution from your parent(s), step-parent, sponsor or legal guardian.

Okay, on the face of it, these look reasonable. But what they don't say is that specifically, any money you make, have made, or potentially could make (calculated from an average for your demographic) within the four months preceding start of classes is considered fair game for educational costs.

All of it. Even what you might be paying in rent, for food, utilities, or medical costs.

Yours, or your parents, or your siblings, or other dependents of your parents.

This means that if anybody financially connected with you has made any money within the last four months, they're expected to hand it directly to you to pay your tuition. And if they make too much, never mind if somebody in the family is paying for chemo, feeding your siblings, paying for their own education, or paying a mortage, you're just screwed. You get nothing. (No, that actually is what it means. Mum and I have spent enough time on the phone yelling at BCSAP to know for sure.) In most cases, it means you're assessed up to half of your estimated costs, and only given the other half. Which, of course, is useless, because it's virtually impossible, at least in this province, to make enough money working part-time to pay even half of tuition, let alone rent and sundry. And if you work full-time, you get less money from the government, your grades suffer, thereby defeating the whole purpose. Which I gather was the whole point, the BASTARDS.

I strongly suspect that this new twist to the rules was instituted because some genius at the Ministry poked his head up and said: "Hey, I bet these kids lie on their applications!" Which is... true, okay, completely true.

Because if you don't lie, a little, like about money you have in your savings right now but is going to be gone next week, or the five hundred bucks left you by your grandma that's earmarked as book-money you're not going to get from the government, you end up even more screwed, and even more short. That the bastards have worked out that students lie on applications, but not why they lie, says little of good about this government, and only deepens my desire for a swift and bloody coup.

If you are married or living common-law, a spouse/partner contribution may also be expected.

This is the bit that really pisses me off. When they say "may", they mean "will, and well beyond the point of absurdity." Where the hell do they get off expecting your spouse or partner to foot your bills? I mean, if that's the kind of relationship you want to have, a hearty whatever to you, but the Ministry has absolutely no business INSISTING that you beg your partner to feed, clothe, and house you. Biological relatives are one thing; your parents, especially, after all, did decide to bring you into existence and therefore should probably be expected, to a point, to civilise you where they're able. But your SPOUSE? Are you fucking KIDDING ME?

I just... I don't know what to do with this legislature, sometimes. Sometimes I despair. I know that the whole "a government is not a fucking business" mindset is rather likely to escape an assembly composed of used car salesmen, fishfarm CEOs, litigation lawyers, and casino owners, but somebody had better pound it into their heads quick, otherwise they're going to get what they richly deserve when they're ninety years old, asthmatic, and needing of organ transplants and senior care, and there's none to be had and none of their relatives will take them.

That's what happens when you're a selfish, drunken, profiteering bastard, Gordon Campbell, you syphilitic fuckwad short-sighted. Stuff hits you in the face.
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