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Home, still plague-ridden, now cat-ridden as well. Danny's been curled up at the foot of my bed pretty much since I got up this morning. He's really going to hate it when I make the bed.

SOME ASSHOLE has been playing drum-heavy techno music from above since nine-thirty this morning. GAH. And there's little point in complaining because the manager just shrugs and says "It's a wood-frame building. Sound carries. It's very hard to tell where it's coming from."

I say it is *not* that hard to tell, all you have to do is walk along the second-floor hallway and knock on the loudest door. But damned if I'm going out right now, so I'll just sit here and glower at the ceiling. These are the same people who smoke on their balcony and cause cigarrette ash to drift down onto ours. >:(

Still burning things. This little laptop is pretty tough. It's now been ripping and burning for two days straight and hasn't complained once. It's not even really warm. :)

Upside, I'm slightly less sick today than yesterday. No more swimmy-head, no more sneezing, but still hacking and coughing. Sorta-downside: have manifested none of the symptoms that would justify filling the prescription the clinic doctor gave me. Sigh. This is going on five days sick, and unless I come up with something much worse in the morning, I can't really justify another day sick. I don't think I'm contagious any longer, so I guess that's a plus. Gods, I hate being sick. *downs another handful of echinacea*


You can see the first comic, though, in all its completely unformatted glory, at

It's not going to look like that. Once I get into the control panel. IF I EVER GET INTO THE CONTROL PANEL. >:(

Funny: yesterday, while I was at the clinic, and the doctor was shrugging and saying things like "wait 24-36 hours" and "it's iffy", and telling me to "hang on and do the usual symptomatic things," like cough syrup and tylenol (the latter of which I'm not doing, really, because acetominophen no longer really does anything for me), I said: "like vitamin C and echinacea?" He shrugged and said: "Well, that's never really been proven, but... yes." So, well, good, I guess. :(

Also, there is a librarian who refused to stock a certain children's book because it contained the word "scrotum." I would like to take this occasion to say that I am horrified, scandalised, and disappointed by this. A librarian, of all people, should know that by definition, nothing in Latin can realistically be considered a dirty word. Silly buggers. o.O

Must at some point in very near future purchase VIA Rail tickets for between Montreal and Drummondville. Still not quite sure how to get from Airport to Train Station. Best bet looks like taking the Aerobus to the Berri bus station... I don't know how many of you are actually in Montreal, but if any of you are, is there anything better? Or should we try and test our knowledge of the Montreal public transit system? At this point, I'm afraid that's a bit rusty. Like my French.
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