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But... but... but...!

I called it. Kinda.

Kinda wish I hadn't. :(

But... but... but... BUT LAMB!

I am surprisingly upset about this, for all that it was pretty much inevitable. Sad. :(

And also annoyed, because just about the ONLY loose end from last season was the Grace Manning thing. It's like Draco Malfoy all over again. You wait, and you wait, and you hope for the character development, but it JUST NEVER COMES.

Unless he went off and sent the little girl off to an expensive European boarding school and poisoned the parents in the night and we learn about it in flashbacks. Or Keith can go on a grudging crusade to avenge Lamb's abusive childhood.

Yeah. I like that.

Not a WHIFF of this did I hear beforehand. Did you people know about this? I'm not upset, as I do try to avoid getting spoiled, but I am surprised I didn't hear any ominous "character death" rumours, as the running current trend seems to be for networks to leak these things.

BTW? If The Evil Professor turns out to be the killer, I am going to be BORED BEYOND WORDS. I mean, how obvious is that? Can Rob Thomas even *spell* "obvious" anymore? Hm. It was probably in the same dictionary that had his definitions of "false dichotomy," "misogynism," "humanism," "subtlety," "Victorian," and "MAINTINING A BALANCED WRITING STAFF."

Um. Moving on.

A parting thought: Mac and (I cannot for the life of me remember his name): the new Oz and Willow.

Except, y'know, without all the... vampires, and... werewolves, and... as much of the bad writing, and... and Buffy. Which is a big one on the list.

Although am I the only one who's noticed a striking similarity between Kristen Bell's acting style and Buffy? Except, y'know, without all the whining and contemptible weakness and poor judgement in a crisis and general uselessness except in case of Logan.

All in all, good ep. We got the Veronica Mars Sidekick Triple-Threat: everybody but Piz, who, generally inoffensive as he may be, I can take or leave. Wallace, Mac, Logan, AND Parker! And wacky hijinks! And Lamb (and then not)! And quasi-legal PI dealings! And Veronica in a jail cell!

And can I tell you, I am SO HAPPY that Logan and Veronica are back to Mostly Friendly Mutual Snark? And if you were in my mental moviescape, here's where you'd see me floating out to sea on a raft, watching as the LoVe ship sank blurpingly beneath the ice-cold (Ha! Logan! You big, brave Southern Californian, you.) waves of the Pacific, and toasting it with champagne.

And I don't even LIKE champagne, so that should tell you how glad I am about the whole thing.

*sniff* Poor Lamb.

Poor SACHS! Poor little guy's probably never even shot anyone before. I don't know if that expression of complete, blithering panic was shock at his own actions or some innate awareness that he'd been too late, and Lamb was a goner. Given the shellshock swaying and the shaking hands, I'm thinking a mix of both. Arrogant, self-absorbed, domineering prick though Lamb was, he was his Sherrif, after all. Assholes do seem to attract the most loyal sidekicks. Just look at Veronica.

mik100's still in denial. I just spent ten minutes on the phone with her trying to convince her that as he was babbling about bread, there was probably a good chunk of his skull missing and that if he wasn't dead, he was almost certainly a vegetable. And unless this show takes a sudden turn for the sci-fi weird, he's probably going to stay that way.

"No," she insisted, "it's a fake-out!"

*pats her on the head* Hope springs eternal, I guess. ;)

Verdict: good, much, MUCH better than the preceding episodes, but not enough to make up for the rest of this very sincere trainwreck of a season.

Then again, I'm not sure anything ever will. *sigh*
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