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Pretties (and chocolate money flying through the air).

A belated Gung Hay Fat Choy to you all! I went to Chinatown with calantha42, mik100, as well as artemisiabrisol and company who were visiting from out of town, and came away with sundry shinies, a lucky drum, and a fistful of little red envelopes. Now I bring you pictures of the Chinese New Year Parade in downtown Vancouver, where we spent Sunday. Lots and lots of pictures. And lots. And lots. Ooh, I am sleepy.

Friendslocked, obviously, but if anything desperately strikes your fancy, do let me know.

In other news, after one bizzarrely pleasant day of sun for the parade, the weather continues its steady descent into the utterly horrendous. Sideways rain and gusts of nasty, cold wind, all day, apparently, and defninitely on the way to and on the way home from work. Which was in itself not hugely fun, as we're running letters now and the process is really, indescribably, terrifyingly, obsoletely over-complicated. OMGFOURSCREENS. OMGMAILMERGE. OMGCOPYANDPASTE. OMGFRUSTRATING.

I am actually just bitching. It *is* insanely tedious, and it generates truly ridiculous amounts of irrelevant printouts, but gimme a couple of days and I'll forget I was complaining., I'll still complain about the paper. But someone was nice enough to show me a way to cut it down by about half, so that's something.

Stupid letters. Argh.

I will leave you with this more-or-less-non-spoilery thought on Heroes.


Gods, so glad I have Friday off. I was falling asleep all day.

And now I can do it properly. 'Night, all.
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