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Groundhog says:

1. You will all be relieved to learn that I did not see my shadow today, and that I expect (actually DEMAND) an early Spring, because it is very cold out and I want it to stop.

2. Seriously. My fingers are still tingling from the walk home.

3. The fact that I did not wear gloves because I was reading Small Gods and would not have been able to turn the pages and that is why they are cold is not the point.

4. Me and mik100 birthday things look like they're happening Saturday. Laser tag is on the board, I am thinking mid-to-late afternoon, to be confirmed with Kim when she gets home from work. If you want to be involved then please post here before, um, nine? Or call me? And after that, either Pan's Labyrinth or dinner or both. Or something.

5. To be kidnapped by sibling/parent for mandatory cake, now, poor me.
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