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I had to read it a few times to be sure they weren't joking.

So we bought my mum a laptop for Xmas, a refurbished "recertified" Gateway model that's only about five months old. It's a nice little machine, for a Celeron, but honestly Mum didn't need anything faster than that.

About a day and a half after she opened it, i.e. Boxing Day, the DVD-RW started acting funky. Refusing to read discs of all kinds, except some random ones, refusing to read or even recognise burned DVDs or data discs, opening at random, crashing programs. I fiddled around with it for a few hours, and am pretty sure it's the drive, that it's defective. We dug out the warranty, which has a little under a month left on it, and e-mailed Gateway, with a detailed explanation of what it's doing, what I've tried, and would you please fix this, where do we take it?

Gateway replied, finally, yesterday (I e-mailed them on Sunday), with a five-page list of instructions for fixing the problem, all of which I had, as I explained in the bloody e-mail, already tried, more than once. At the very end of the list was a complex and arcane set of instructions telling us, basically, to crack open the case and re-seat the drive's data cables.

I'm sorry, let me repeat that: Gateway told us to crack open the case.

I should mention, in fairness, that they stated, in print, that "merely" cracking the seal would not void the warranty, but breaking anything inside the machine while we were unqualifiedly poking around inside it, would.

Just. What?

I know certified techs who are nervous about repairing laptops, and they want some layman customer to open the case and bugger about inside?!

This is insane, yes? o.O

I think that when I get back out to my parents', I shall do the first nine things on the list for a sixth time, and when that doesn't work, I shall call and yell at them. >:(
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