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Re: the preview - pregnant. Yeah. Whatever. We're not complete morons, folks.

On to the episode.

Can I tell you how bored I am with Logan and Veronica? Just... stop, VM writers. We don't care anymore. Many of us NEVER DID.

Additionally, I am becoming progressively uncomfortable and irked (in that order) with the way sexuality is being written on this show. In the sense of, like, the virgin/whore, Snow White vs. Christina Aguiliera In That One Music Video With The Chaps (Which Example I Use Because My Art History Prof Used It)... thing. And the fact that on this show, girls are either sluts, or they're blushing maidens. And the fact that more than once in this episode, it was implied that stripping=hooking in the same way that marijuana=coccaine. Just, WTF. The whole serial rapist and feminazis perpetrating fake rapes Thing wasn't poorly-conceived enough, now we're bringing in "I bought my girlfriend out of prostitution, now I keep thinking she's a whore and why did I want her in the first place." And OH, GODS, that conversation between Logan and Veronica. "Have you ever been with a hooker? Are you sure? Huh?" And then notice how he, well, I'm guessing, lied to her. Under duress. Hm? Because sex is sinful and dirty and the dirt comes off the GIRL, folks.

Just... no.

I think we should have sex workers' unions. With taxes. And licensing. No more pimps, medical screening, health insurance and credit card records. Let's see the "sex is dirty" tag stick then.

Or possibly it would tank the industry. Either way it would have some positive impact.

I am actually not a feminist. Not really.

Okay, I'm done now. Go back to discussing the wacky hijinks. Of which there were, admittedly, many. And can I tell you how much I missed Wacky!Keith?

And all things considered, Wendy was adorable. I wanted her to stick around. Unfortunately, her boyfriend's a neolithic-minded jackass, so not so much.

And I want Veronica to geek it up a little. One more snotty half-mocking I'm-weird-but-not-that-weird-'cause-at-least-I-don't-read-comic-books reference and Veronica's getting written into a fic where she becomes rapidly obsessed with Harry Potter OT3 fanfiction to such an extent she misses all her classes and stops showering.

I'll do it, V. Don't doubt me. I have powers. *ominous*

And in conclusion: where the HELL is Wallace, anyway?


Jan. 31st, 2007 06:48 pm (UTC)
I don't really get it. I don't understand Veronica's completely hypocritical prudishness, and I don't get how inconsistent the writers are being in terms of What Is Sex. I felt sorry for Wendy, this whole episode. She has sex for money. So what? People stick their arms up *cows* for money. Since we know this show doesn't think much of the morality-is-the-bastion-of-God angle, I don't really understand how they're going around acting like sex is anything other than sex. Shouldn't they be putting the immoral label on the asshole john who thinks and perpetuates the belief that a) a girl's sexual status is linked to her value as a human and b) that value is purchasable? Wouldn't that be the wacky-backwards-feminist thing to do? Then again, I have some admittedly weird opinions about prostitution in general. Sorry. I'm done, now. ;)

I'm tempted to blame all the sexual WTF this season on the fact that VM runs now with *one* woman on a writing staff of twenty. o.O


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