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*smashes things*

The PVR has developed a new schizoid trait, namely, crashing. No, like crashing, like blue-screen-of-death, random freezing, crashing. Well, it *does* run off a harddrive... so Friday I am going out to Future Shop and exchanging the cursed thing for a new one. Weirdly, it only seems to pull this shit when it's unsupervised, as I got it to work at least once last night while sitting there with it. It's just that in order to get it to record, you have to set it, and then put it on standby. And then when it's done recording, it goes back into standby. The main issue seems to be that when you I try to turn it back on, it spazzes out, resets everything to default, and then crashes completely, blue screen of death and all.

Also, while I was gone today it recorded something that was decidedly not Kingdom of Heaven, but an entirely different channel, and ignored my command to record Gilmore Girls altogether. So. Yeah.

Damnit. *ANNOYED*

Not seeing the movie tonight, either. Instead, I will perhaps make soup. I was planning to do that anyway. *sigh*

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