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SG:A did not record. But not because of the bad signal. Because I apparently had it set wrong. One of the crucial settings must be calibrated in the exact same box as another crucial setting, which was not well-explained in the recorder manual. With some testing, I believe I have this worked out. It will record Gilmore Girls while I'm at work tomorrow (yay, timeshift!) and Kingdom of Heaven, and then we shall see what we shall see.

Hopefully successfully, because calantha42 and I managed to miss the Pan's Labyrinth showing by twenty minutes tonight, and ended up buying clothes instead. Sigh. Anyway, we plan a second attempt tomorrow, so wish us (and the PVR) luck.

I also forgot to set Podkayne to record Heroes. Argh.

EDIT: Heroes Ep 13 torrent going. Good time, East Coast. Excellent time. :D

SOMEWHAT SHALLOWER EDIT: I forgot about the rainbows. On the shirt. The shirt I bought, while at the mall, instead of seeing the movie we missed. Ever see something and have to buy it simply because of the sudden, persistent *squee!* in your head? (Other than ferox, I mean. :P). That happened tonight.

It's actually a bit small, specifically tight in the arms (why are shirts getting longer and wider but assuming girls no longer have arm-muscles?), but it was ten dollars and the last one in a size other than -2, and so I will add fabric at the sideseams and it will be marvelous. It has rainbows. And butterflies. And stars.

...okay, done being unbearably girly and five, now. *sheepish*
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