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Chandri MacLeod

Ow ow ow, my head, you morons.

There's this question set on our applications, both paper and web-based, that is probably on most post-secondary applications. It goes like this:

"Are you currently completing Grade 12? (Y/N)"

"Have you graduated from Grade 12? (Y/N?)"

On the real form the yes/no option is in fact ticky-boxes with "Yes" and "No" typed out next to them in 12-point font, black on white, clear as anything.

Now, my question for you, LJ-Land, is this. Are these questions confusing? If you were in secondary, wouldn't you assume that you were meant to tick "Yes" for the first question and "No" for the second? Would you not assume you were meant to answer both questions?

Otherwise, what would possess you to believe that you did not need to answer these questions, or worse, that a secondary student, still completing Grade 12, should answer "No" to the first question, thereby implying that they are not, in fact, currently enrolled in Grade 12, and not a graduate, either, and seventeen years old, and therefore unadmittable to the college?

Furthermore, why would you imagine that after receiving a letter telling you that you could not be admitted due to the above factors, the correct course of action was not to call us and sheepishly correct your mistake, telling us that you are, in fact, a high school student, and that you will graduate, but rather to call me and yell at me for ten minutes because you didn't read the letter, or the form, you apparently didn't understand either, and then to put your mother on for you to yell some more because I am clearly discriminating against you because [insert irrelevant minority complaint here]?

Finally, I should inform you that after listening patiently to this entire nonsensical tirade for twenty minutes in total, when I politely explained to both of you, now on conference, that the problem lay with one mis-checked ticky-box and could easily be remedied if you could just answer the question correctly, and then fixed everything and conditionally admitted you, the correct response was not to mutter "Fine, and that letter had better be here tomorrow," and hang up.

Despite what the buttons say, education is a privilege, not a right. Jerk.


Seriously. People are getting dumber. It's not just me.
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