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TV on top of TV.

I came home today to find a lovely surprise waiting for me, albeit propped against the door of my apartment (and btw, where do they get off leaving a hundred dollar piece of equipment sitting out in the bloody corridor?): THE BOX IS HERE!

The digital box. So this evening we plugged it in and found ourselves, via free trial period, with access to BBC Canada, all the movie channels, a list of free Movies On Demand, and a whole shitload of other special-order stuff we will probably not continue to pay for but for the moment are enjoying immensely.

We hooked it up, marvelled at the signal, and then, after setting the reminder for Atlantis, we watched a 1979 (mislabelled - actually 1981) ep of Doctor Who. I forgot how much Nyssa pissed me off, as I haven't seen a Five episode since I was... probably five. Heh.

We discovered that everything is on at nine o'clock PM, including, notably, Heroes, and Atlantis, and ARGH, WTF, stellar programming call, Sci-Fi, you bastards.

So I went and downloaded a PVR program, and I recorded Heroes on Podkayne, and HEE, I have it in a 238MB file, and it marks the commercials, and and I can CUT OUT the commercials because I have it on my drive in DivX AVI at 238MB, which I repeat because it is cool.

Possibly I will buy this software out of Shareware and buy the PVR, which will even things out nicely, HEE. I am also recording Studio 60, as I watch it, because I CAN.

And then we watched Atlantis, without commercials, because it's Movie Central.

(Which was cool.)

I do not know how I have gone this long without digital cable, I really don't.


And at some point in the very near future one of these new channels is airing Mirrormask, which I still have not seen. WIN.

Actually there were two surprises. My Maddigan's Quest, which I ordered like... three days ago, or something, postal time. You go, That's a week and a half faster than

The box is winking at me. How cute. :D
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