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And now it's stuck in my head.

The Firefly theme, that is. Remarkable how easily it gets wedged like that.

I somehow managed to completely forget that it's my Mod day tomorrow. Sleeping in, hurrah!

My second package came today, but it was apparently too big for the box, so I can't get it 'til tomorrow afternoon. WTF? The post office doesn't close until six-thirty. Why do they do that?

In case I have never mentioned this, the cat is stupid. He's even stupid for a cat. Observe:

Danny: *tearing up back of couch*
Danny: *ignores me*
Me: (in Scary Voice) DANNY!
Danny: *bolts, hides under coffee table*
Me: *leaping over couch, picking up scratching post, and putting it down right in front of him* THIS is for scratching. We DO NOT SCRATCH THE COUCH. *demonstrates, scratching, picks up cat and lifts one paw to explain visually*
Danny: *stares perplexedly at his paw*
Me: See? I bought this for you so that you wouldn't have to scratch the furniture. Understand?
Danny: *peers with great concentration at his own paw for a long moment, then at the scratching post, then lifts one paw*

For three whole seconds, he sat frozen like that, and I thought he was actually going to use the scratching post to scratch.

And then, with great care and deliberation, he put down the paw, and started nuzzling the post with great affection, at the same time licking my hand, and then fell over sideways and stared up at me accusingly.

Cats are stupid. *facepalm*

Sigh. Anyway, day off. Yay. :)
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