Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

Things I would like to know:

1. Why are there still this many dishes in the sink? Where is my Clue Bat? Okay, that's two questions, but not unrelated ones.
2. Can somebody please lend me a baseball bat so that I may SMASH THE SHIT OUT OF THAT FUCKING CAR-ALARMING CAR. Godsdamned whiny thing. Help me! Help me! I'm being snowed on! Won't somebody help me?! This is how we know that it is a British Columbian car, folks.
3. Why can't they ever decide to close the college due to extreme weather *before* the sun goes down and the weather gets really bad? Huh? I was working with headphones on and I looked up at quarter past four to find the whole office empty, because apparently they shut us down at four. Ooookay... next time, somebody come tap me on the shoulder or something, yeah?

Yes, it is snowing. Again. A LOT, this time, too, so I am devoutly hoping that there will be no college tomorrow, either, because holy crap I do not look forward to that scary-ass walk down the hill again tomorrow morning. Number of times nearly killed walking to work today=3. Number of moron teenage drivers who should JUST TAKE THE FUCKING BUS who are going on my list=3. Huh. Look at that. What a co-incidence.

My point is, you learned to drive in Greater Vancouver, so no, as a matter of fact, you do NOT know how to drive in the snow and you never will, so STOP TRYING. GODS.

Also, how are the students getting my number? Everyone who was planning on coming to the front counter to shout at us for no reason today but couldn't get here due to the snow called ME, instead, and asked me questions I couldn't possibly answer and refused to let me transfer them to people that could. Okay, by "everyone" I mean "two irate mothers of students," and can I tell you how impressive I find it when you're so incompetent you have to get your mother to call and be all shirty with me, and you can't even get her the right number to yell at? Oi.

It's about 10cm already, and we're supposed to get another 20-30 cm overnight. If we're not closed tomorrow, my co-workers are going to be stuck with a very damp and cranky Chandri, that's all I'm saying.

Siren racing past, #6 of the evening. No, we cannot drive in the snow. I wish we would stop trying. *eyeroll*

For some reason Chapters split up my order, so the V for Vendetta DVD arrived today, and the graphic novel should arrive tomorrow, even though they were shipped in the reverse order. Meh, whatever. Although now I don't know if I should watch it, or not. Hmm.

EDIT: Went to look at the Weather Network site again just now, and it still insists that "We don't expect any precipitation from Wednesday overnight to Thursday overnight." This is just one more piece of proof that the Weather Network, for the most part, does its forecasts by drawing at random from a hat full of temperatures written on bits of paper. Because right above that, the Environment Canada alert, in BRIGHT RED WITH LIGHTNING BOLTS, tells us that the Lower Mainland can expect "Bands of snowshowers" to give us at least another 10cm tonight. Which I read as "Bands of snowshoers," which was a whole other unique mental image. Evil bands of roving snowshoers, the heralds of snow. o.O
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