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They just keep dragging me back in...

...I just read Gifted (the first Astonishing X-Men trade, and btw, HEE!) and I am wondering, because it's been YEARS since I really bought comics...

...what's this supposed to follow, plot-wise? What came before? I haven't bought an X-men comic since the Trial of Gambit days, and I have officially no idea what's going on.

Although starting a story with Jean dead? I cannot say I'm not behind that. ;)

Anyway, learn me up, people? What's the order? What should I read?

In other news, Armageddon's going on out there. The white stuff's long-gone, and I think the asphalt might be next. Big-time wind-storm, a leetle bit worse than the last one that poisoned our drinking water for two weeks. Kinda cool, in a scary way. Scaring the hell out of the cat, though. The windows keep clattering (they are very, very old) and he goes from curled up in my lap, refusing to move, to hiding in calantha42's closet.

Some guard-cat. *eyeroll*
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