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No sign of the roomie. She was supposed to be back around noon, she said, but I got back and found her room empty and an annoyed-looking cat standing in the doorway.

I assume she's been delayed, and I'd check, except I never got flight info from her, which was dumb. So I checked LJ (to no avail), but then went "No, dummy, that's what *your* first instinct would be." We need to scrounge her up a new laptop so it can be her first instinct, too. We should all be eternally chained to the internets. ;)

Hm. Will try calling. Unfortunately most of what this means is I actually have to go do the groceries myself. *sulk*

EDIT: We have contact! She just landed. Only seven three quarter hours late. *eyeroll*

And apparently they didn't even send her luggage to South America.

Well, still better than Air Canada. *firm nod*
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