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I finished my duster. It looks cool. Didn't do anything else today.

I'm *ashamed* of myself. I was actually driven (note: *driven*) to writing SubReversity fics out of this kind of blahs last summer. I can't believe I started so *early* this year...

Ack. There was so much other stuff I was supposed to do today. I had to go to school and see about transcripts... and I want my goddamned AP mark, but Mum won't pay for it. I keep trying to explain to her that yes, Princeton *will* send the mark to StFX and no, I don't *technically* *need* the mark, but I want it, damnit! I don't often do things for the sole purpose of satisfying my ego. I really don't. I think I deserve this one.

School was closed today. Government holiday. So I'll go tomorrow. But there's still loads of other stuff I *could* have, *should* have done today. Like take Disa to Fanny's, like I said I would. But that one's probably okay because she said she couldn't return the dress 'til Wednesday at the earliest, so we can go tomorrow and see if the dress is reproduceable for less than forty bucks.

And... what else? Right. I said I'd drop off that t-shirt design with Steph for the mural. But I need to photocopy it first, and I need to nab Kristine for that because I don't know where Steph lives and Kristine does. Right. Tomorrow as well. Maybe I can turn the outing into a movie night... I really wanna see A.I. and tomorrow's cheap night... just as well, since I only *have* five bucks.

And... hmm... oh, shit. I have to send Dex money. I really, really, really must do that tomorrow, even if I don't do anything else.

Anyway, I realised an hour ago that I haven't eaten anything but Froot Loops and buttered sourdough toast since Thursday. My stomach was actually, audibly growling.

So I ate some more Froot Loops. :P

Shit, am I ever primed for psychoanalysis.

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