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The "Women's" network (and also, mostly, Torchwood squee.)

What was the New Year's Day marathon for the Women's Network?

It was Fat Actress.


Uh huh.

Have watched Torchwood ep "Captain Jack Harkness." Just starting "End of Days."

Oh. Good.

Well done, Owen.

Hoo boy.

Also, GIP. :)

*misses Parting of The Ways Jack so, so much*

EDIT: Is it just me, or when Rhys is lying on the table, can you totally see him breathing, like four times?

Jack is not Jack. Okay, I guess we knew that, already, but now it really bothers me because it puts him as a separate entity from who he was impersonating, and now I need to know WHAT THE HELL'S HIS NAME.

Gods, Jack just needs to fucking tell them where he comes from and the writers need to stop feeding it out in little tidbits, really, before I go insane.

Especially if it's big enough for him to point a gun at Tosh and Gwen. WHAT? What's all this petty personal bullshit, anyway? This is a really stupid method for getting to a dramatic climax, and I mean that. I think I prefer the grand let's-all-save-the-world united front style of Doctor Who. I know this show's supposed to be darker and all, but all this makes it is... bitchy, really. Sigh.

And where's the rest of Torchwood while this is going on, or is Cardiff all that's left? That's never been clear to me.

I quite liked the "how-can-I-betray-Jack-except-I-have-to" face Ianto was wearing all through this episode. I have decided that Ianto was already mad for Jack before the cyber-Lisa period, and that was why he was so upset - a sort of "But I idolize you! Do not do things that hurt me!" thing. Or so I choose to believe.

On the other hand, I quite liked the idea of the rift opening sprinkling time-travel refugees all across Cardiff and the world. That amused me. But whyfor has this Bilis person not been mentioned before, or even sighted? I was looking forward to some more Wolfish references, I really was. Empire of the Wolf! Torchwood! Time Travel! Come on, come on.

Giant satan thing. Um. What?

I am... having Angel flashbacks and remembering why I stopped watching that show.

Another great stompy monster thing rampaging through a British city. And I bet they won't remember this one, either. "What's this big hoof-shaped hole in the middle of Cardiff, dear?" "Meteor strike." "Ah."

And I love that even at the end of the world Gwen's still wearing chucks. That's just lovely.

Seriously, what were the writers smoking when they wrote this?

OMG. Glowy light. If it were yellower I would say it were T.A.R.D.I.S. light. Is this a thing where no one can eat the Time Vortex? And it killed the monster, okay, good.

I am confused.

I am now typing as I watch which cannot be coherent, but there you go.

Dead Jack. Um. Huh?

What? No. That's not right.

I'm not fooled, Rusty. Lead characters don't die. Narrative causality.

Though you're doing a bang-up job of making me panic, I'll grant you that.


And they're all watching her from upstairs.


(Where is the Doctor, anyway?)

Aw, IANTO! *whimper*

*sniff* I'm still not buying it. Nope.


HAH! She kissed him back to life! HAH HAH HAH! YOU NEVER FOOLED ME, RUSTY! YOU BASTARD! *jubilant*

Jack kisses people freely. Perfect. And now RUNNING HUGS FOR ALL! Except Owen.

Well, maybe for Owen.

CRYING OWEN! That was the sweetest back-from-the-dead reunion scene I have EVER SEEN. And that's saying a lot.

These people are SO SCREWED UP and it's just PROFOUNDLY adorable. :D

"The right kind of doctor." THE RIGHT KIND OF DOCTOR?!


Holy crap, they just gave me everything I wanted. At once. Except actually SEEING it, but implication is enough. For now. O. M. G.


Okay, I'll let it go for now. But two questions: shouldn't Torchwood know the Doctor? Certainly in that tone of voice? How in hell did Jack get this job, anyway? Shouldn't someone have recorded that noise by now and made them memorize it? I would.

So that's more than two questions. But I maintain my "huh?"

And also my *SQUEE!*

Excuse me while I go re-watch it from the kiss four times.

And then watch Sarah Jane Smith, I think. :)

FURTHER EDIT: I now want that on a t-shirt: TORCHWOOD: These people are SO SCREWED UP and it's ADORABLE.
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