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Ew, cat puke.

Danny has thrown up twice this morning, once on the carpet by his litter, and once in the hallway (the latter an improvement, obviously, as easier to clean up, but as I explained to Danny, this is less helpful than if he had vomited on the hardwood but managed to avoid puking on the fan stand). Danny is now hanging out in the bathroom with some water while I research.

My opinion: Danny misses his mum, and is freaked out and this is stress-related. So Danny's going on a liquid diet until tomorrow in the hopes that this will calm down his tiny little stomach lining. calantha42, the kitty is stressing! When are you coming home, again?

Going to go talk to the patient now. Don't want to take him to the vet if I can help it. He seems to be puking right after eating, and I don't think he's got much left to bring up, so we'll see. Have to improvise dinner, I think. Bloody cat. At least the dogs always knew to throw up in the kitchen where there was linoleum. *eyeroll*
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