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Hello there, 2007.

Got mik100 through Tooth and Claw, came up with new Torchwood theory re: Empire of the Wolf, really really want new crossovers, so ease off the endless non-plot-advancing angsty depressing sex for a while please, BBC. I miss Parting of the Ways Jack. Bring back Jack. Please?

Suffered but briefly from year-turning noise from outside, ignored it and turned up the volume. For anybody who's seen Slings and Arrows season two, something mik100 suggested: is Brian also a ghost? Is that why he can see Oliver? Or does Ellen's seeing him disprove the theory? If she could see Brian, why not Oliver? Is Brian only visible to Geoffrey and Henry?

And what the hell are they doing with season three if Oliver goes away for good? If he does.

When does season three end? When will the DVDs appear? I want them yesterday, as it's never going to show up on regular cable here ever, ironic what with it being the most Canadian show ever made, and all.

Okay, it's January now. I can go to bed. The cat's even sleeping on somebody else's head tonight. :)


In the Paxverse, this is the New Year 2007AD/03AU; in this year, the Global Transit System is put into use, Jerusalem is nuked, the Prime Minister is assassinated (as is the President, boo hoo, though it's a different president), the Green Riots leave over two thousand dead, and the first construction crews land on Mars. Mix of good and bad, I guess. Yay, Mars! Free Mars! Force of habit.

Fast away the old year passes, and so does my alertness. Sleepy. 'Night.
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