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*will be mocked for this, but doesn't care*

Watched the Doctor Who Christmas episode, and then the commercials.

I suppose there was an episode there. I don't remember.

There was something about giving Sarah Jane her own show, which is MARVELOUS.

And also I still have Torchwood to watch, and I love Jack more and more and more. Except for Countrycide, for which Russel T. Davies needs to be horsewhipped. Or something even more uncomfortable, I'm still thinking about it.

Congratulations nonetheless to John Barrowman and whatsisname! That's just not fair.

We're going to Cardiff in September, and I'm going to drag Mum and Dad to stand on The Paving Stone, and no one else will get that joke, so moving on...

...Donna was boring. The bug-lady was... oddly pretty, but unimpressive. Ten was so angsty, and it made me sad. I keep imagining him smelling the jacket and crying.


But I may already love Martha. Can't say yet.

I miss Rose. :(
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