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And a happy whatever to all.

As is standard, Christmas morning started at 7am, with me waking up thinking "why the hell am I awake?" and then going "oh, that."

And then breakfast, which is the entertaining part, really; Mum, cutting up her ham into smaller and smaller pieces as my sister and I glared death at her, and Dad eating as slowly as humanly possible while theorizing, after some trickiness finding the celery salt, about building a spicerack robot which could follow him around seasoning his food, which then progressed into discussion about whether or not the robot would be imbued with the Three Laws, and if so, would it prevent Dad from ever making the perfect curry?

I got a video camera! Yee! :D

And I'm making a thing for lilymc, and so all the relatives who have suffered me filming me for the last two days will just have to suffer one more and forgive me, because I'm going to cut it all together prettily and send it to Saskatchewan. Or by the point I get it together, probably Quebec, but whatever.

It's Boxing Day, and my mother just went out to the store. I personally think she's insane, hence my lying here in my jammies writing to LJ. It's safer.

Don't know how many people are coming tonight. Probably lots. Have to fetch mik100 this afternoon, then eat lots and pass out. Good plans. Yup. :)
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