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Listening to City of Dreams today - followed it through Seeing Ear Theatre from the Neil Gaiman page. (That's what I do at work; I listen to weird-ass online radio shows and podcasts.) May I just say: J. Michael Straczynski is a strange, strange man. I knew that, of course. I reccommend it, though. Gets weirder and weirder, and you sort of have to hang on. It works out, narratively, anyway.

I need more things to listen to while working. Podcasts are the closest I can get to watching TV, at work, which is what I usually do while working. Rec me some things, people. I want weird and snarky.

Gigantic pile of presents to send. Very excited about that. lilymc, yours is bigger than Georgie. Be happy.

And... making a hat. Toque. And then another toque. And then some cookies. And then five scarves. And then, no more! No more shopping! No more doing for holidays. All done.

I give it a week or so.

Sleepy. Want to go home.

Whoa, interface change. Love it when they come out of nowhere like that. O.O
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