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Why yes, I am an enormous dork.

I have decided that Molly Hardy, as discussed by myself and calantha42, becomes a movie star, and continues to idly plot world domination while becoming this Universe's version of Jessica Alba-but-with-more-academic-degress (sort of a cross between Jessica Alba, Julia Stiles, and Professor Moriarty), and because she stars in a comic book adaptation, gets dragged to ComicCon, where she meets Veronica, who has been dragged along by Wallace and Piz. Because we all know that Wallace and Piz are comic book geeks, and probably madly in love with Molly.

And then Shirley Appears. I haven't gotten to that bit, but I will. ;)

Updates as they happen.
Tags: comics, job, movielore, shirley holmes, veronica mars

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