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Places I must go tomorrow, after there is money:

In person:
-yarn store
-liquor store
-Future Shop
-AE (probably)
-that little shawl stand by the Lululemon
-the kitchen, to bake

And on Tuesday, after the card payments go through:

And yes, I realise that the Internet isn't a place. Technically.

Still presents to get for... *counts* ...augh. Twenty-one people. Most of them are "cookies" or "knitting" or "small bottle of booze," though, so that's not as intimidating as it sounds. Quite gleeful about a few people's gifts. catsclaws, for example. And also mik100. And Mum's. And my cousin's kid. (Bwahah, I'm evil.) *gloat, gloat, gloat*

And then, I will have everybody's presents.

Except the ones I'm knitting.

Toronto people? Your presents are going to be late.


Maybe. Unless I pull of a knitting miracle in the next couple of weeks.

Eleven-thirty. Damnit.
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