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A plague of sequels.

I know I'm not the first person to notice this, but Disney's mad love of pointless and inconsistent sequels is getting seriously out of hand. For example, how can there be a Fox And The Hound 2? This is what I want to know. I would have thought the fact that one of them tried to kill the other at the end of the first one (or killed the other, depending on your interpretation) would have precluded any possibility of a sequel where they were a) puppies again and b) hanging out.

Unless, of course, the sequel went something like "Fox And The Hound 2: Fox Rises From The Dead And Kills The Humans." I could get behind that. Very socially relevant. Nature vs. Man, and all. This is what happens when you kill innocent animals for fun. THEY COME BACK AND EAT YOUR BRAINS.

Then again, I'm still wondering how Quasimodo can find a girlfriend after watching his last one get burned at the stake. Lose one girl, stalk a new one. Simple. Oh, wait. Right.

Disney. *eyeroll*
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