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Things I love:

-"All Christmas trees are dead."

-The Christmas Research going on in the Writers' Room.

-"What happened to my tree?" "I was using it to dry my socks." *blink* "Okay." Matt is completely terrified of his assistant, and that's lovely. I want her job.

-The smile after "Leave me alone." Damnit. I forgot that Matt Perry used to be adorable and clever. He's back!

-"I went to a place called 'SAY IT. SAY IT.' I said it, okay?"

-Coconut snow. *glee*

-The gyno visit scene.

-"I won't pay a fine, and I won't say I'm sorry. This is the one I've been waiting for my whole life. This is why I wanted my grandchildren to meet you." And the completely stricken look on Jack's face.

-Danny confusing Jordan with a sea turtle.

-The New Orleans pity band. And they used my favourite Christmas carol ever, too. It's too bad it's got such a screechingly variable range that I can barely sing it. *pout*

-That kiss. And I don't even *like* Harriet.

-THIS SHOW. YAY, AARON. *geeks out*

Things I don't love: people I didn't vote for voting in a Guy Who Would Be Prime Minister I didn't vote for, either. And all evidence thus far says he's a truly dismal public speaker, all twitchy and stuttery. In French as well as English, let me tell you from a position of some authority. Which in my book is a BIG DAMN POINT against you as a leader. And also: why do we have to keep getting PMs with no chin? I'm with Ivanova, on this one. I would like my leader to have a strong chin. I will, however, reserve proper judgement until we see whether he makes Harper cry. Harper, unfortunately, being a fairly passable public speaker.

Far be it from me to criticise someone's suitability for a job based on demonstrated lack of social skills, but the man even waves like that dorky kid from the computer club who's still confused he got pulled up on the stage with the cool kids. he can't even act. Even Harper can act, much though I wish him a happy meeting with a cross-town bus. This is not encouraging. Let's face it, a good chunk of leading in a TV-watching nation is the ability to convince people, entirely via speech and bearing, that you're competent. So far I'm not convinced.

Hell with this. I'm going to go fight evil now. *turns off TV, opens WoW*
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