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Stupid internet.

Okay, so I'm downloading the WoW trial. (Shut up.) Because I was bored, and curious, admittedly a bad combo. But I had a sudden mad urge to play video games, and even went digging for my Game Gear (without success, I must sadly tell you, because I really wanted to play Sonic :( ), and railed to the heavens about the fact that my sister lost/misplaced/gave away/sold for weed my NES system, which by the way was the last game console I owned.

But I started downloading the WoW trial. I know it's only like twenty-five bucks new, but I don't want to spend money on it if I can't play it first.

Except? It's still downloading. What's the point of giving in to spur-of-the-moment urges if fulfilling them takes three days?

Um... never mind. It should be done by morning. *shuffles feet*

Ooh! True Love In A Shack is on CBC! Hee.

Sad news: my nice brown miracle thrift find Paddington coat needs replacing. It's getting threadbare at the cuffs. *pouts* I love that coat. I would like a new one exactly like it that is in no part transparent. I do not think much of my luck in this.

Also, pleading guilty of watching the Food Network in the mornings while getting ready for work, the family (minus my sisters) had breakfast for supper last night, including nugglets (which are basically hash browns), scrambled eggs, croissants, bacon for the meat-eaters, and cheesecakelets. Which are essentially pancakes with cottage cheese in them, but with strawberries on top bear a striking resemblance to cheesecake.

And by the way? Balsamic vinegar on strawberries is not insane. Put in a few tablespoons of sugar, it tastes quite surprisingly good. Pickled strawberries. Yum.

Bizzarre, but true.

More experimentation with the cheesecakelets may be necessary, to keep the cheese from burning before the cakey-bits dry out enough to call them cake. Next time, more flour, less cottage cheese. But good first attempt. I deem this a good recipe.

In completely random news, stupid won't let me download the TARDIS ringtone, the bastards, because okay, geographically, I'm not downloading from the UK. Supposedly I am merely biding my time until I can enact my evil plans to bring the BBC to its knees by distributing their ringtone far and wide, bwahahah.

No, seriously. Anybody in the UK in the mood to send me that bloody ringtone, I would be forever in your debt. For a ringtone, anyway.

Note to self: Get thine ass down to the British consulate and jump through hoops for your passport. This week. No, seriously. (I'm going to England in August! *dances*)

Studio 60 in twenty minutes. New Avatar downloading. Now so long as it doesn't snow.

WoW download: 92%. Come on, stupid thing.
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