Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

Three-day weekend, yeah! (And then she fell off the roof.)

This weekend I'm doing family stuff, including Insert Winter Holiday Here shopping with Mum, which is actually good because we both hate shopping and neither one of us is chasing the other one around the mall begging her to put down that sweater, and let's go back to the car, now, please.

Well. Okay. Sometimes I'm bad with shiny things. Mum's the forgiving type.

Especially since after that, we're going to the Chocoholic Buffet at the Sutton Place Hotel, aka: that thing I won from Bridge Studios in that raffle at Halloween. It's been sitting on my desk for close to a month, now, and we need to use it before we forget it exists. We get to dress up and eat chocolate in a fancy restaurant. These are good things.

And then, supposedly, Saturday is going to be setting-up-for-the-holidays-day. This involves, possibly, bringing the tree inside, baking, and definitely putting up the lights. My mother refers to this process as "the family getting the house ready for the holidays," or uses, at least, some variation on that phrase, including "cleaning as a family," meaning "Mum and Ari cleaning the house while everyone else complains that they can't hear the TV over the vaccuum," and "putting up the Christmas lights as a family," which will be the same as it is every year, ie: I climb the ladder, perch perilously on the top as Mum hands me lights, Faya (middlelittlesis) spends fifteen minutes outside helping us and then runs and hides in her room, curled up under blankets, watching Friends on DVD and complaining about how cold it is outside, and Dad continues to muck around in Photoshop, incite the dogs to riot every time we pass their line of sight (puppies are not allowed outside while we're putting up lights - they're too noisy) and occasionally laughs at us from the window, as Dad has not participated in the Christmas-light-arrangment process since approximately 1996.

lilymc, my youngest sister, is excused, this year, from her traditional role of abandoning her plugging-and-unplugging post to play Sims 2 and being called outside every half-hour to check connections only because she has gotten herself kidnapped to Saskatchewan in order to commit Good Deeds.

And eventually I will climb all the trees (because it's not fair to only give lights to the big trees), and then I will fall out of one, and then it will get really fucking cold and we will go inside, as I complain for the next three weeks that we need to buy more lights, and we need to replace all of them with LEDs, because if you're going to do something, you should do it right, even if you have to fall out of a tree in the process.
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