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The view from my window.

This is merely further evidence for my theory that people who intentionally move to places where it snows lots and lots and lots... are crazy.

My poor plants. Can you see them shrinking back from the glass? That's because when I opened the curtains, the temperature in my room dropped by five degrees. Brr.

This poor bastard spent forty-five minutes this morning digging out his car and sweeping it off, only to find that it wouldn't start. He finally came out with a portable generator and squealed out of there about ten minutes ago. I bet he's late for something, because none of the other cars that usually park at the curb have moved, today.

Here's where I tried to catch the fact that the snow is still bloody falling, but failed. I live eight blocks up the hill from where I work, and we were closed because of "inclement weather". This should tell you something about how well we Vancouverites handle snow. Or, y'know, not.

Our hot water has been touch-and-go for about three days, now. This has, mind you, nothing to do with the weather, but rather with equally touch-and-go maintenance. It was supposed to be fixed this morning, and... not so much. I realise that technically we're not paying for heat and hot water, that it's included in our rent, but at the moment, we're not really getting either.


Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to crawl back under the pile of blankets on my bed, pop in a Murder, She Wrote DVD, and knock out the last 2k of my NaNo novel... hopefully. Definitely the first two things.
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