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You never realise how lazy you truly are...

...until you spend three weeks without the remote control, because the batteries came loose one night and made it reset itself, and you couldn't find the manual, and neither you nor your roommate were willing to go out and buy a new one, because it's not broken, just not set, damnit, and you watch the same channel for two days because no one wants to walk five feet to the television to change it, and it's not like there's anything wrong with either of you or anything, but you have a remote, it's just not working right now, and the internets have failed you, and then finally you snap and go digging through the drawer where it should have been the first time you looked, because that's where you keep all the manuals, that's why you keep them all there, and you've gone through the drawer three times with no luck, and would have sworn up and down that the manual was not in there...

...and there it sits, in the very bottom of the drawer. And you set the remote, and you point it at the TV, and when it turns itself on, you do a little dance and you yell "Yes! YES! I RULE! I have FIXED THE MAGIC BOX!" loud enough to scare the cat entirely out of the room.

Because you are a child of the nineties, and manual switching is for cavepeople.
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