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I have to say, I am liking the new IE 7 design. It's all Firefox-ey, but it doesn't hate my tables. Yay.

Six hundred words to 40k. Don't even hate the story anymore. On which note, if you're bored, slide on over to chandri_nano and read/comment, yeah? It's friendslocked, but I'm pretty open about adding. It's just that no one's really asked. I like feedback, and also I want this book to actually not suck. And since I'm not allowed editing during November... well, we all know I'm not a good judge of my own work. :)

I think the first monstrosities of mine to get to finished-editing status will be this year's NaNo, and CvsE. Just need to finish them. o.O
Tags: cvse, nanowrimo, riverwend, standalone writing, techwhore

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