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Small reasons today is good.

Reason Number One:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
35,643 / 50,000

Reason Number Two: Tapwater, still drinkable.

Also, vaccuumed. And might even have some idea how I'm going to work the horrible grisly murders. Er, in the book, I mean, of course. ;)

And: Dad's con in England isn't until the beginning of September, after my contract at the college is up, so I don't have to use vacation on that. Just work it out with my (hopefully) future profs, if classes have even started by then. Makes the Comicon plan much more feasible.

I really want to do both. Really. There is even tentative planning involving Mum and I searching Cardiff for Captain Jack Harkness. Which will be entertaining even if we fail miserably.

Sigh, the teapot is empty. Time to do something about that.
Tags: family, general geek, nanowrimo, riverwend, seasons, travel

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