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I really *wasn't* going to watch it...

...the hockey game last night, that is. Sweden vs. Canada. Partly because I didn't care all that much, and didn't really want to, and partly because I seem to have inherited my mother's uncanny ability to cause any team I'm rooting for to lose, embarassingly.

I'd just like to say that I'm disgusted with us... but that's another story...

Carolyn made me watch it... really! She did everything but tie me to a chair and tape my eyes open.

Okay... she bribed me with pizza, because her lounge was taken, her TV is about nine inches wide and fuzzes out on white backgrounds, and I have a nineteen-inch TV (because it's my computer monitor, and I have a TV card, so I have a good TV :).

Anyway, they lost. It was almost sad watching Carolyn try to convince me that our team would stop falling over their own feet and actually pull off at least a tie. (She tells me the first period was much better than the second and third I watched.) But then it was "Sure, they can make three goals in four minutes!" and "They *can* make three goals in two minutes!" and finally "Come on, guys, you've got a whole thirty seconds! You can do it!"

Sad... but really, more funny. I'm mean. ;)

...but the pizza was good.

It's six above zero today, and it's raining. If the snow would just bugger off somewhere, it could be very nice outside.

Note to self: *never* again go to brunch on Saturday if it's after noon. Because the weekend staff at the dining hall seems, somehow, to have eclipsed the TSG in incompetence. There was a fifty-something person lineup this morning, while some idiot behind the breakfast counter figured out how to work the griddle where they make french toast and stuff. I stood in line for fifteen minutes. I rather expected for a riot to break out any second.

Hmm... chocolate. And then I'll make a *seventh* attempt (*grumble*) at the library scanner.

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