Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

Helsinki Complaints Choir

This is really very clever, and also sort of deep in a weird way. Really liked the bit about Finnish being "bloody difficult to learn," because have you *heard* Finnish?

Spotted in Neil Gaiman's blog. He said "it made me miss Finland." It made me miss Finland and I've never *been* to Finland. ^.^

OH AND ALSO EDIT: calantha42 and I were NEARLY HORRIBLY KILLED yesterday leaving the mall, when some... I'm going to say "Sunday Driver" instead of the thing I THOUGHT at the time because it could be interpreted... badly, and it was Sunday, but the point is SOME WOMAN drifted into the crosswalk we were, well, crossing, under a REALLY BRIGHT STREETLIGHT, in a WELL-LIT PARKING LOT, CARRYING WHITE SHOPPING BAGS. I mean okay, we weren't wearing reflector-strips or anything, but we were not invisible. Oh and also IT WAS A CROSSWALK. The idiot woman just WASN'T FUCKING PAYING ATTENTION.

I swore at her and punched her car. And then I yelled "IT'S A CROSSWALK!" and she looked scared I was going to stab her or something and sped off in terror. GOOD, I HOPE I DENTED HER HOOD AND THEN SHE WENT HOME AND HAD A SMALL STROKE. And then flushed her carkeys and license down the toilet.

I'm watching out for you, bitch. *scary stalker face*

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