Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

*ramble, ramble, ramble* (Hook.)

I do love Robin Williams. I think he's one of the best American actors alive today.

Do you know why I think that?

Okay, perhaps "think" is the wrong word.

It's because when I was starting to notice such things as the names of actors, Hook was being made.

And Hook, despite its overall goofiness, has one or two lines in it that for me, make the film. Notably there's one scene, one moment, that is one of those shortness-of-breath, hold-perfectly-still, wish-desperately-and-painfully-you-were-ten-years-old-again, always-does-this-to-you moments.

It's when Granny Wendy reaches for her book, opens it, and looks at Robin Williams and says, in that horrified, urgent, and deeply sad voice that calls up all those that's-not-fair yearning feelings one associates with those brief moments where you wish you didn't have to grow up, after all:

"Peter, don't you know who you are?"

I swear to god, it practically makes me tear up, every single time. That's two incredibly lame and dorky posts in two days. I'm going to go crawl into a hole and write NaNo, now. *creeps, once again, away*
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