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There should be a sign or something, I swear. Four times this week... actually, FIVE, now, I've gone all the way to the library computer lab in the hopes of using the ONLY SCANNER ON CAMPUS that doesn't cost a DOLLAR per scan (*snarl*), and every single time, there's someone using the scanner computer.

So what, you say? WELL. Normally, this wouldn't upset me; except for the fact that none of these people has been actually *using* the scanner. The scanner computer is for people who are SCANNING stuff, people. Scanning. If you're not scanning, why don't you use one of the *other* EIGHT free computers, *right* over there? Or is that far too much more complicated than just walking in and sitting down at the computer nearest the door?

I think I scared the reserve librarian... considering I came up from the basement lab looking like I wanted to kill something. ;)

*SIGH*. I wanted to scan the Robyn/Theryl picture I did, and then shamelessly beg for one of the somewhat more flexible artsy-types out there to do a pic of them as two-year-olds... I've been trying, really! It's just that my artistic triumphs tend to be one-time things, and partially accidental. I have serious problems drawing the same character twice. And drawing twins was... well, it took a while, let's just say.

I'm going to try again tonight, *very* late, possibly right before the library closes. Although this time I should find some better way of getting it to myself than emailing... seeing as the school computers won't compress things properly, won't email anything over 3mb for some reason, and won't take actual saves on the H-drive they claim they gave us... they just *seem* to save, and then vanish later.

Damn the TSG...

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