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And then she marched into Future Shop...

So it went something like this:

Me: *la la la, checking LJ*
Monitor: *makes funny noise*
Me: *pause, la la la*
Monitor: *makes louder funny noise and flickers slightly*
Me: *opens Media Center and starts burning things*
Monitor: *is pitch-black*
Me: *tries to turn up brightness*
Monitor: *flickers some more*
Me: *glares at it*
Monitor: *makes even louder funny noise and randomly resets screen geometry to default*
Me: WTF!
Monitor: *is at 800 x 600 and has slid desktop halfway off the screen*
Me: WTF, man, WTF.
Monitor: *chuckles, evilly*

And now I'm buying a new monitor tomorrow. An LCD one, I was thinking 19-inch, but then a 20-inch jumped out and grabbed me around the neck, screaming "Pick me! I am only fifty-five dollars more AND I HAVE SPEAKERS!"

In which case, I will go with Mum after fabric shopping for my Classic Trek Starfleet uniform, and then I will take it to Maple Ridge and mock Dad with it. He brought home two (TWO. NO, SERIOUSLY. TWO.) 19-inch Viewsonics the weekend-before-last because... because he and Rob went to buy DVD-Rs and went all giddy and insane. And gloated. Oh, did he gloat. And then he offered me *his* old 19-inch CRT, which is now randomly flickering into 800 x 600. This is especially unhelpful when editing graphics or watching TV.

Seriously. Look at it. Isn't it pretty? *drools*
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