Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod


Finally got it through. By calling my mother and having her do it from *her* office.

Our stupid fax machine is broken. Or, more likely, hates me. *glares in general direction of copy room*

And I have my Dougie transcript, in my hand, right now. All down to Canada Post, now. *quails*

THE COLD BREATH OF SUBMISSION DEADLINES CREEPING UP MY NECK EDIT: Is it deeply stupid of me that I am now looking at everything I have ever written and thinking Oh, gods, I write like I am twelve and they will never like me? I hate assembling portfolios. I have always hated assembling portfolios. I would like for this concern to be stupid. I suspect that it is stupid. I write well. I have a varied and coherent style. TELL ME THAT IT IS STUPID OR I WILL CONTINUE PANICKING.
Tags: job, school

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