Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

Space Captain Geek

Yay: I now have episodes one and two of Torchwood, sitting on my computer, and calantha42 is nearly done season one of Doctor Who, so she will soon know the Jack Love and we can watch it together.

Boo: The episodes are sitting on Poddy at home, and I am at work, and it is KILLING ME.

mik100, I forgot to burn you the My Little Pony, but I will do it tonight as well as all the Doctor Who, and you will need at some point to come fetch it. Or have lunch with me and I can bring it? If you're not at school today then e-mail me at work, as I foresee great boredom, else.

Get paid Friday. Must pre-order West Wing. Isn't it considerate of them to come out with the whole series in a set just as I acquire a job that allows me to pay for it? :)
Tags: cartoons, doctor who, job

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