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Ah, the fun of loans.

Funner even since I'm going back to school in September and then suddenly, all of this will seem uniquely pointless.

Applied for interest relief for my Federal loan, because hah! They wanted $458 a month! HAH!

That phone call lasted about twenty-five minutes as the very nice lady on the other end repeated the same four incomprehensible sentences fifteen times and finally said she'd send me a form. (She wasn't even a Francophone. Just confusing.) Won't know my monthly payments on that loan until the package gets here, but it'll probably be a couple hundred bucks, yay. :(

Then I called the Provincial loans people. The nice man on the other end of *that* call told me, simply, to write them a letter, saying I'm poor, and saying I'd like to pay only 25 bucks a month, please, and that that would work. At least he seemed fairly confident that it would work.

That call took about... three minutes. And I even understood what he was saying. *boggles*

Yeah. I hate money. Stupid bastards. *glare*

Also, got a voicemail while talking to the government to the affect of... apparently my sister got engaged last night.


I feel a need to go drinking. Like, a lot. To what motivation I honestly could not say. o.O
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