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I should never go to the mall alone.

Especially on payday.

It's a bad idea and I'm not going to do it anymore.

Reports are hazy, but it seems the crazy girl went out and bought Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer on DVD, as well as Murder, She Wrote. The first is for the Girly 80s Cartoon Night which is in the works for a Saturday night some time soon. She even bought Care Bears invitations, and would have bought Care Bears Movies as well if they'd had them, but thankfully they did not.

Unfortunately, this just means she'll have to go out and find them somewhere else before the party.

For the second, she has no excuse except that she's a big huge dork and she loves Murder, She Wrote.

Okay. Enough of third-person-speak. Can't trust people who refer to themselves in the third person, y'know.

I also bought a new headphone mic, because the old one finally died. It's actually got a *good* mic, so I'm going to try recording again.

Also bought several pretty things for lilymc who is stranded in Saskatchewan (on Katimavik, if you don't know - my little sister is spending a year doing community service, and apparently there are yokels where she is), which I will not outline because I want her to be surprised.

Along the way, however, I did buy myself the first The Killers CD (and am I nuts, or do they remind anyone else of ELO?), because, well, I was already buying my sister something, and I never buy CDs, but it was eight bucks. So.

And, fun news? I bought a pair of - we used to call them footless tights. Now they're sort've... you see little girls wearing them under miniskirts? Lace on the cuffs? I bought them because they were about six bucks with the thing I bought lilymc, and they make good PJ pants.

HOWEVER: they're meant to fit... mid-calf, ish? Yeah. On me, they're about four inches above the ankle. So, yes. Modern fashion is not designed for short people. Whatever. I still like them.

And then there was the shirt with the unicorns on it.

Okay, seriously, I love this shirt. It has unicorns, and birds, and some kind of magical battle in the middle and possibly explosions, and creative use of zigzag stitching. It's from Ardenne, so it will probably last approximately ten minutes once I put it on, but it's still cool, and it was cheap, and I only wish I'd gotten the hairband with the pirates on it, but when I went up to the counter it wasn't part of the deal, so I didn't buy it after all. :(

At some point I wandered past the pet store, and spent fifteen minutes kneeling on the floor talking in silly voices to a tiny grey ball of fur with bright blue eyes and white feet, and then I almost bought a kitten.

No, seriously. I can't be allowed out shopping without a chaperone.

And after all of that, I never went to Superstore like I was intending. Grargh.

But I have Murder, She Wrote. It's all good.
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