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I wanted to leave a sign on roomie's door saying something like "Gone Zombie Hunting, borrowed your pants, if not back soon avenge death," but the thing I wanted to borrow I rather suspect she wore to work.

So anyway, gone Zombie Hunting, if not back soon avenge death.

Actually that was like three days ago, but it was still funny so I decided to post it anyway.

Had dinner at the parents' yesterday. Somehow managed to come away with one piece of pie but without fudge, Yorkshires, stuffing, or jam. Curses. >.<

And now have to go back to work. Which is not so bad as it used to be, as I don't really mind my job, but I'm still in holiday mode and that sucks. I want to lie around all day and write, fic, damnit.

And in conclusion, I bring you Canadian snark:

And while I don’t think it’s appropriate for Bill to say Darrel Reid shouldn’t get the job because of his Focus on the Family links; I think it's fine when I say it.

Why the double standard? Well for starters my problem with Focus on the Family isn’t that they are a Christian organization, far from it. My problem is they seem obsessed with sex and that disturbs me. I’m a prude when it comes to these things. Focus on the Family are the people that think SpongeBob SquarePants is gay. That’s just plain crazy talk. What kind of people sit around and think about the sexual orientation of cartoon characters? And really, to suggest that SpongeBob is gay is just silly. Bi curious perhaps but a hundred percent homo? I don’t believe it.

Now don’t take my word for these things. Go to their website. Check out the Focus on the Family Canada and Focus on the Family USA sites and click on books for sale. These people think about gay sex more than gay people.

Sometimes I really love Rick Mercer. ;)


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