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I didn't even know there was a theme song. o.O

calantha42 spent half an hour this evening sitting in front of Youtube watching an uploaded episode of Rainbow Brite.

And then I browsed eBay and Amazon and did you know? The Rainbow Brite movie and the two good(ish) Care Bears movies are on DVD. (Plus I found a shirt that I suddenly want rather badly.)

I'm tempted to buy the DVDs just for sheer nostalgia. But *then* we could have Girly 80s Cartoon Night like we were planning, but without the jury-rigging of somebody else's VCR and the slow torture-to-death of twenty-year-old VHS tapes.

I am so completely three. ;)

I get paid tomorrow. And before I responsibly use my paycheque to pay off my parents, my credit cards, and my utility bills, I am going to go out and buy something frivolous. Like a jump drive. Or a wireless router.

Okay, so as calantha42 pointed out, those things are not all that frivolous.

Clearly I need to work on that.

I *will* go to LUSH. And I will buy new jeans, as I only have two pairs I can wear to work and I need a rotation, really.

And I'll have you know that despite the fact that my monitor has been making That Weird Noise on and off for a couple of weeks now, I am *not* going to buy a new 20-inch LCD just because it's on sale.


Totally not.

This month, anyway.
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